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IVR / IWR Customer Saisfaction Programs

The traditional approach to customer feedback is brief questionnaires printed on postcards that are completed and then returned by mail. Many customers never respond, and when they do, it may be weeks after they were in the store. Both these obstacles are overcome by offering an incentive to customers for completing the easy IVR / IWR survey within a specified time period. The promise of a discount on a future purchase encourages their participation and the time limit assures you get feedback while the experience is still fresh in their mind.

The process is simple. Invitations are randomly printed on sales receipts along with the toll-free number to call and/or a website address. Or a toll-free number/website is posted at your location. Customers are prompted to input store or receipt numbers so you can relate their survey responses to a specific shopping trip. IF the 800 number is used, questions are answered with the telephone keypad by pressing the number that corresponds with their answer. Responses to branching questions trigger additional questions to gather more detailed information. Callers can also leave voice messages or comments about their experience. Store managers can access these comments immediately via a website, and they can also be transcribed for future reference. When the survey is completed one of a few things can happen:

A special code can be given to write on the receipt. That code turns the receipt into a coupon for use on their next purchase.

Or the customer can be notified that they have been entered into a drawing to win a prize.

Either way, the customer has their reward and you have valuable feedback that you can review via real-time reports on a secure Web page. No printing costs, no mail delays, no waiting for data input. You have customer satisfaction information in days, not weeks.

Another special feature of IVR /IWR surveys is the ability to notify you immediately of "hot" responses. If an answer pattern indicates a situation that requires prompt attention, the appropriate manager is notified by fax or e-mail. The notification includes the customer’s responses along with their phone number so they can be contacted and the issue resolved. You have the power to address matters before they become problems, and the opportunity to impress customers with your commitment and responsiveness to their concerns.


  • Surveys are available 24 x 7, so customers can respond at their convenience.
  • Questions can be quickly added or changed to allow for "pulse" checks on products or service.
  • Immediate fax or e-mail notification of "hot" surveys to managers or supervisors.
  • Caller/User comments or suggestions recorded on ways to improve their next visit to the store.
  • Website access to actual recorded customer comments.
  • Surveys can be made available in multiple languages to serve diverse populations.
  • Real-time access to call counts and reports



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